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                      In the high viscosity of emulsion, especially the manufacturing process of cream, ointment, emulsion products, usually the most problematic is the dispersed phase particle size and mixing the air mixed with products, grain size is too large a everywhere emulsion instability, lack luster; products into the air will make the products bubble, bacterial contamination, easy oxidation and the appearance is not smooth. For the two in question, our developed ZJR series vacuum homogeneous gasification unit, by the quality agitator blade mixing, scraping the wall, the center has stirred their complement each other, are combined into a mixing the best way, to achieve the perfect mixed products. The color and the vacuum pumping mode, so that the production for export in the mixing process of no air bubbles, which can produce shiny, delicate and good ductility of high quality products.

                                  • In the process of producing emulsion with high viscosity, there are two important problems.

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                                          • One is the scattered bigger diameter particles.
                                          • The other is the air which will mix into the material during the mixing. Particles of the large diameter will lead to the labile state of the materials. If the air goes into the material, the material will be mixed with bubble, polluted by bacterium, easily oxidized and obtained  an rough appearance .

                                          Regarding to these two problems, our factory had developed ZJR Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer Series which are made up of homogenizer & middle blade stirrer & scraper residues stirrer to form the best mixing way in order to produce the perfect mixed material.  By extracting air from the material, the vacuum pump can ensure that the material is glossy, exquisite and ductile.

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                                              After the materials are heated & mixed in water pot and oil pot, they are drawn into the emulsifying boiler by the vacuum pump. Adopting the middle stirrer & Teflon scrapers, the emulsifying boiler can sweep the residues on the wall of the boiler. Then the materials are cut off, compressed and folded by the blades. By the strong cutting off force and the impact and turbulent current from the high-speed shear wheel and fixed cutting case, the materials are cut off and turned to particles of 200 nm- 2 um promptly. Because the emulsifying boiler is under vacuum state, the bubbles that are produced in the course of mixing will be taken away in time.

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                                                    The pot cover is of automatic rising type. The material is directly drawn into the emulsifying boiler from oil boiler and water boiler. The discharge is based on the turning of the emulsifying boiler. And the heating system is electric heating and steam heating by the heating pipe, so the temperature is controlled automatically. Put the cool water into the intercalated bed so as to cool the material, which is simple and convenient (there is a warm layer outside the intercalated bed). The homogenizer and the stirring blades can work together or separately. The material sliming, emulsification, mixing, dispersing, etc. can be finished in a short time. Some parts of the machine are made of high-quality stainless steel (316L material will be adopted for medical use; the interior surface adopts mirror polish, vacuum agitating device is hygienically made according to the normal hygiene standard of GMP and is the most idea production equipment).

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                                                                NameZ J R-250Z J R-350
                                                                Emulsifying PotDesign Volume (L)250350
                                                                Capacity (L)200280
                                                                Scraper Stirring Power (KW)2.22.2
                                                                Scraper Stirring Speed (rpm)0-650-65
                                                                Homogenizer Power (KW)44
                                                                Electrical Heating Power (KW)1212
                                                                Homogenizer Speed (rpm)28002800
                                                                Water PotDesign Volume (L)160250
                                                                Capacity (L)128200
                                                                Power (KW)0.750.75
                                                                Speed (rpm)14001400
                                                                Electrical Heating Power (KW)812
                                                                Oil PotDesign Volume (L)130250
                                                                Capacity (L)105150
                                                                Power (KW)0.750.75
                                                                Speed (rpm)14001400
                                                                Electrical Heating Power (KW)812



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                                                              2. NameZ J R-2 5 0 LZ J R-3 5 0 L
                                                                Emulsifying Pot Rack185011052480-3480200013502750-3850
                                                                Water and Oil Pot Rack1800768160020008681650
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                                                                  Emulsifying PotDesign Volume (L)650850
                                                                  Capacity (L)520680
                                                                  Scraper Stirring Power (KW)44
                                                                  Scraper Stirring Speed (rpm)0-650-65
                                                                  Homogenizer Power (KW)1115
                                                                  Electrical Heating Power (KW)1818
                                                                  Homogenizer Speed (rpm)28002800
                                                                  Water PotDesign Volume (L)400500
                                                                  Capacity (L)320400
                                                                  Power (KW)1.11.1
                                                                  Speed (rpm)960960
                                                                  Electrical Heating Power (KW)1818
                                                                  Oil PotDesign Volume (L)320400
                                                                  Capacity (L)250300
                                                                  Power (KW)1.11.5
                                                                  Speed (rpm)960960
                                                                  Electrical Heating Power (KW)1212


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                                                                  Emulsifying Pot Rack250013503230-4560265014503350-4750
                                                                  Water and Oil Pot Rack250011501950265012501950

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                                                                                                        1. Can this be the best for reconstitution of powdered milk to liquid milk? If so what is the price?

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                                                                                                            • We are looking for high shear mixing unit include hot water tank for Cmc & xanthan gum for juice manufacturing, capacity 600L per hour.

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